Concrete nature

I have always been fascinated by two things in life, nature, and photography. It's the perfect combination for me to get away from the screen and get out and explore my surroundings.

Getting caught up in professional life is something I am more aware of lately, and finding a balance between work and the rest is important (living in Scandinavia does help a lot). Nature has always been a big part of my life but after moving to a city a couple of years back I started to get more disconnected from it. Frankly, I do miss nature a lot. This time in a form of taking photos of objects true to nature I feel I got a little closer to it once again.

This project was a set-off for me to get back to photography but most importantly to nature itself. There is a lot to learn but I had so much fun diving into still life photography. My number one priority right now is to study and play with light.